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National Tennis Month

"Get Outside"

Inform Yourself Youth Tennis is developing a platform for youth and families to re-engage with tennis, and energize existing players to play more and find new players.

Get in the Game today!

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All are welcomed 

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Tennis for all!

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An Idea Is Born

Connecting After School to Career Pathways Program that Improves student engagement.

Inform Yourself Tennis & Education

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National Tennis Month - Service Tennis 101

Creating new tennis opportunities that don't exist.


We Celebrate Tennis to increase participation in our program.

USTA Net Generation

Venus Williams was 4 years old when she started playing tennis! Why not your child? 


  • 10 and Under Tennis

  • Small groups (8 student maximum)

  • All tennis racquets and balls are USTA approved for ages 10 & under.


Contact us to bring this program to your child's school or for more information! 


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