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Parenting in Times of Crisis


IY presents a parent workshop designed to give parents the tools and

skills needed during times of crisis. This is an opportunity for parents

to learn ways to reassure children they are safe and essential to the

adults in their lives. 


  • Mindfulness Skill Building

  • Parents As Coaches

  • CPR Hands-Only

  • Mindful by Design Training

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The kids are Not OK Workshop


The Kids Are Not OK

Children need stability and connection

The fundamentals of what children need have not changed. 

Stability and connection help support healthy attachment and feelings of safety. "Attachment Theory" tells us that parental accessibility and responsiveness build strong bonds. Furthermore, healthy attachments lead to a better ability to self-regulate, which can help reduce tantrums, angry outbursts, and behavior problems.

 (Please note I said reduce, everyone gets dysregulated sometimes, especially children. To a point, boundary testing and negative behavior are a healthy and appropriate part of growth and development.)

1 hour workshop


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