Inform Yourself Inc. Youth Development Company

"Programs To Inspire Today's Youth"

     Youth Entrepreneurship Training
          "There's A CEO In You" 

An entrepreneurial hands-on, interactive, real-world experience for students ages 7-17 taught by Patricia Wiley, a certified youth entrepreneurship instructor. 

In the course of or program we will:
  • Encourage the leadership skills of youth
  • Inspire their creativity
  • Provide information of petting established in business
  • Promote business ideas
  • Teach them proper money management
  • Promote cooperation, togetherness, and mutual respect
   READ 2 ME

A Community Literacy Initiative designed to assist parents and students in reading at grade level. 

Statistics show that 44 million adults cannot read well enough to read a simple story to a child, according to the National Adult Literacy Survey, U.S. Department of Education. To volunteer please contact us!