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Inform Yourself Inc. Youth Development Company  specializes in creating learning environments that nurture talent, creativity and the belief that any child can achieve and do and become what has been seeded within them despite seeming limitations of race, class, culture or societal expectations. IY is a multi-tiered child and family  agency headquartered in Southfield, Michigan.

At Inform Yourself Inc. Youth Development Company, your child will participate in developmentally-appropriate activities throughout the year, such as:

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     Engineering In A Box

A customized fun, hands-on activity with all of the tools a young engineer would need to design a unique invention showing their creative expression, while thinking outside of the box. 

USTA 10 and Under Tennis

Kids learn on smaller courts, use lower nets, lighter and lower bouncing balls, use smaller and lighter racquets for your child's size. Making it easy and fun for kids to learn, hit, play and score from the start.

Jump Rope Don't Drink Challenge

Free Parent Workshop 

Workshop Descriptions:

Champion Your Child is an interactive parent workshop designed to give parents the tools, ideas and strategies needed to help them shift their attention to the educational and emotional needs of their children.